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Emergency Vehicles

Our Purpose

In creating EMS Connect both William Yoo, and myself, Maya Resnick wanted to develop a platform to promote student awareness of their eligibility to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) as early as age 16. Will and I learned about the opportunity to become an EMT through our school’s EMS Club. We were concerned many others might miss the chance to have an experience of a lifetime without knowing that this opportunity exists. Without a doubt, being an EMT is an invaluable experience and can open up many opportunities for students interested in the medical field now and in the future. Many of the towns in Bergen County are in need of more volunteers and paid EMT’s. By creating awareness of this opportunity, one of our primary goals is to boost interest, applicants, and participants in the Bergen County EMS training center. Our goal is to establish EMS (Emergency Medical Services) clubs in other Bergen County high schools to promote awareness and interest to potential EMT’s. These clubs will be run by student EMT’s. In addition to encouraging student participation as EMT’s, these clubs will be a venue for connection and collaboration among Bergen County high school students interested in becoming an EMT.  Students within these clubs who decide they would like to become an EMT and decide to sign up for the course, will be able to collaborate with each other while enrolled in the Bergen County EMS Training Program. Our club will give students an overview of the responsibilities and tasks they will face in the process of becoming an EMT and once they have received their certification. Our self created curriculum will be shared throughout the schools involved, and will touch upon several different topics involved in EMS. Students can determine if this is something they are interested in and would like to pursue. This webpage will serve as a wealth of information for students interested in becoming an EMT and for those already a part of the program.

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