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EMT Course Tuition

Many (not all) ambulance squads in Bergen County and the rest of New Jersey sponsor students' full costs of the EMT Course, as long as you promise to be a part of their ambulance corps. This is an amazing opportunity to get free tuition! You must contact your ambulance squad's captain in order for them to pay for your tuition. Before you enroll in the course, they must fill out the EMT Training Fund Certificate of Eligibility. This form is shown below. 

This is the form that your ambulance corps captain needs to fill out and sign so that you can attend the EMT course at no cost. Remember, not all ambulance squads sponsor their students' tuition, so the ambulance squad that you chose to ride for might not be eligible to fill out this form. However, if you're ambulance squad does sponsor you, then great! 

EMT Training Fund Certificate of Eligibility Form

Links to Ambulance Squads:

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