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Do I get paid as an EMT?

Depending on the ambulance corps that you decide to ride for, you may or may not get paid. Most ambulance corps in Bergen County are completely volunteer-based. However, there are still some ambulance corps that do pay their members, but you'll have to look at their specific websites, or contact their chief. 

Do I need to pay for the course?

Many ambulance corps will fund their members' tuition for the course through the EMT Training Fund Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate means that the ambulance corps that you choose will cover the course tuition. However, if you are not able to pass the course, you must cover the cost of the course on your own. For more information regarding the Training Fund Certificate, please click HERE. Although there are many ambulance corps that use this certificate, some ambulance corps are not affiliated with covering the cost, so in these cases, you are required to pay for the tuition yourself. However, we do have our own scholarship that will pay for the full tuition. For more information, please click HERE. 

When can I start riding for my ambulance corps?

This depends on the ambulance corps you will be riding for. Some ambulance corps let their members ride before completing their certification as an observer, while others will only let you ride once you're fully certified. Contact your ambulance corps to find out what their policy is. 

What is the workload like for the EMT course?

Be prepared to be studying a lot for this course. This is a very rigorous course that will require you to be fully dedicated. It is completely doable with the right effort and mindset; however, if you slack off and decide not to study, it will make it extremely difficult for you. The combination of hands-on practical tests and written tests can be a lot to take on, but it will most definitely benefit you later on in the real medical field. 

How can I get involved in my school's EMS Club?

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your school's EMS Club! The curriculum that we have created at EMS Connect contains lots of hands-on activities and skills. We also have many fundraisers throughout the year, and there are many hands needed for setting up various activities within these clubs. There are also leadership positions available for application too. 

What is my role as an EMT? 

You get to save lives! As an EMT, you are a first responder, meaning that when someone calls 911 for an emergency, you will go with the ambulance onto the scene. The EMT training course will prepare you well for the numerous potential situations you will face. Although it may be daunting at first, the training will kick in. At the end of the day, it will be a great feeling to know that you have helped someone in need! 

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