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The Bergen EMS Training Center does offer tutoring for the EMT course that is taught by some of the instructors. This is not part of our organization, but we do have the zoom link to these tutoring sessions. They are all online due to CoVid-19. 

Tutoring Session Zoom Link
Adult Students

Study Tips

When you're taking the EMT Course, you will most certainly find that it is rigorous, and keeping up with the material of the course is even more difficult as schoolwork begins to pile up too. In these cases, we strongly recommend forming study groups to help each other absorb the material better and prepare for the tests. Study groups truly bring people together, and you could end up meeting life-time friends.  

Another excellent resource is quizlet. There are many helpful quizlet sets out on the internet that can be helpful for those of you that are good with flashcards. This strategy is beneficial in memorizing the many terms and techniques that you will have to know. We put the links to some quizlets below that we ourselves have used in our time at the EMT course. Hope it helps!

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