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One of the purposes of EMS Connect is also to inform students of the opportunities for low-cost training and eduction in the EMS field, especially for students in EMT school. In this endeavor, we hope to aid underprivileged students who cannot afford some of the high costs of tuition for the EMT course and other fees. Please take a good look at the information below; it may be of great help! 

Types of Tuition/Scholarships involved in EMS for High School Students:

EMt Course Tuition

There is an invauable opportunity to take the EMT course for free. Learn more below. 

EMT Course TExtbook and supplemental supplies tuition

One of the highlights of EMS Connect is that we offer to pay for select students' supplies and textbooks needed for the EMT course. 

EMS Connect Scholarship

EMS Connect also offers its very own scholarship once a year for prospective EMT students. 

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Scholarships from the EMS Council of NJ

Our partner organization, the EMS Council of New Jersey, also offers multiple scholarships.

Why is Tuition an important topic for us?

One of our core goals at EMS Connect is to gain more volunteer EMTs for all of New Jersey, but one of the largest barriers to this is the cost of education that many families may not be able to afford. 

We are here to help!

If you or your family are struggling financially, but have a desire to save lives and enter the medical field, we strongly believe that money should not be a barrier for you to achieve your goals. Our organization is dedicated to financially aiding those who aspire to pursue their dreams as an EMT.  

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