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Helping Your Community

As an EMT you are providing primary emergency care services to those in your community.  The instant reward felt when you help someone is a feeling that can't be beat.  You are given the privilege to help your friends, neighbors, and community members. 

Exposure To The Real Medical Field

The course you take to become a certified EMT allows for you to learn several skills and acquire a lot of knowledge that you will use in the medical field. Once you are a certified EMT and begin to ride you are exposed to a lot of interesting calls that prepare you for what you will face in the future. For someone hoping to go into medicine beginning as an EMT is a great starting point as you can decide for yourself if this is what you want to do! 

Future Opportunities

Being an EMT opens up many opportunities for you in the future. As an EMT you are CPR certified which can be very useful; you also obtain a lot of important information that can be used in other careers and in everyday situations. Also, putting on your resume/applications that you are an EMT whether it is for college or a job is very impressive, especially at a young age. Starting as an EMT at a young age can open up many future job opportunities as you have background knowledge that others do not have. 

Benefits of Being an EMT

Benefits: Testimonials
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